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Shelter from the Storm                                                                                    PURCHASE BOOK 



"Poignant and positively captivating, Sagan's latest, Shelter From the Storm, will have you reading far into the night. A must read!"----Deborah LeBlanc, Best-Selling Author of Water Witch


Written in the women’s fiction/suspense genre, it’s been described by readers as “an E-ticket ride.”


Award winning author Dianne G. Sagan tells a story that is all too real and all too prevalent in our society, but Sagan will have you on the edge of your seat, in tears, as you open your heart to Brittany and her children.

A fictionalized telling of Dianne’s own story takes you into a woman’s life fraught with the threat of annihilation at every turn. Running from her homicidally abusive husband, Brittany looks to a women’s shelter and the legal system to save herself and her children.

Shelter from the Storm gives the reader insight into how victims of domestic violence actually feel and think. Why they stay. Why they leave.

Sagan presents a different perspective than most books written about victims of domestic violence. She weaves a story of fear that transforms to courage and strength. Instead of focusing on revenge and retribution, it focuses on solutions. Even with solutions in place, you’ll find yourself wondering if Brittany can survive her husband’s unrelenting pursuit.

The book provides an appendix with questions that readers can use to find out if they’re in abusive or threatening relationships. These questions make great tools for professionals and volunteers who work with abuse victims.