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What are people saying about Dianne G. Sagan and her books?


“I work with Dianne Sagan at VBT Writers on the Move and have found her work to be exemplary. She is competent and reliable as well as a talented writer. – Karen Cioffi-Ventrice

“Dianne is a dedicated professional writer who works well in a group. She is affable, conscientious and reliable. I enjoyed working with Dianne and look forward to working with her again. – Shelagh Watkins, UK

"Dianne is a real pro! She is expert at what she does and always exceeds expectations. She is reliable, conscientious and thorough. I highly recommend Dianne." - Susan Bagyura, Austria



Rebekah Redeemed Book Reviews:

"I highly recommend this novel of biblical history brought to life. The descriptions of the people and their lives tell Rebekah's story with a sweet perspective so that we can understand her trials, hopes and aspirations. Jesus comes alive in our feelings and soul as we travel in Rebekah's world of slavery toward freedom where finally she can experience true joy and peace. This book  is a perfect read for middle and adult readers interested in biblical times and Jesus. It is well researched and leaves the reader wanting to know more about Jesus' time on earth and those who followed him. I highly recommend it." -- Susan Case

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The Fisherman's Wife Book Reviews:

"This story instantly transports you back in time. With historical accuracy and lovely details, the reader feels immersed in the setting. The characters are beautiful and their struggles mirror problems facing Christians today. This book is the second in a series, and in my opinion, even better than the first."  -- Kim Black

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Shelter from the Storm Book Reviews:

"This story gave me insight and empathy for women in abusive relationships. The suspense, fear, and even humor blends together with realism that connects with the reader  right away. The characters are vivid and realistic, some alarmingly so. This book is a quick read that is hard to put down. The supplemental questions in the back of the book are helpful and informative. I can hardly wait for the sequel!"  -- Kim Black