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Dianne G. Sagan first got the bug to write from a high school English teacher. She says, "I’m one of those odd people who enjoyed and preferred essay questions on tests all through high school and college."


Dianne teaches writing workshops regularly and presents at writers’ conferences. She used spare moments to write during much of her life. Then, in 2001, she began writing op-ed pieces for her local newspaper. That was her first paid writing, and her freelancing for the Amarillo Globe News lasted five years. Then she spent four years as a full-time freelance ghostwriter with 10 book projects to her credit for an international clientele. One leadership book made the Amazon Bestsellers list for Business Books in Canada.


Sagan is active in Panhandle Professional Writers, one of the oldest writers' groups in the United States. Dianne also participates in other groups including Inspirational Writers Alive (a local chapter of Inspirational Writers) and Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc., and she is a writing instructor for  the YMCA National Arts Program – Y Voices for Writers – in Amarillo, Texas.


Both she and her husband are writers.  Dianne says, "Not only is my husband a long-published editorial writer, but he is also an editor. I love having an editor in the family when preparing my manuscripts for the publisher." They live in Texas and have six children, four grandchildren, and a dog. 

A note about their dog. Sagan plans on using their Bichon Frise "Gigi" as a character in an upcoming contemporary series that takes place in West Texas.

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