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     Rebekah Redeemed                                             PURCHASE KINDLE            PURCHASE NOOK

                                                                                                             PURCHASE PAPERBACK

     ISBN# 978-0-937660-52-2

Rebekah Redeemed is the story of an orphaned young shepherdess who is thrown into a life of servitude and treated as a slave in the household of her uncle. Traded from relative to relative, she suffers neglect and abuse. What will become of her? Then she meets Martha and Mary at the well in Bethany and begins a relationship that changes her destiny. Still, Rebekah feels no one really cares about her until a kinsman redeemer reveals himself to her. But can Rebekah forgive the past?

"The first  in a planned series of Christian Fiction books covering little known women of the Bible, Rebekah Redeemed by Dianne G. Sagan is an impressive start. I look forward to future books from this author." 

                                                                                                        -- Cheryl C. Malandrinos

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      The Fisherman's Wife                                   PURCHASE KINDLE        PURCHASE NOOK

                                                                                            PURCHASE PAPERBACK

       ISBN# 978-0-937660-63-8

In a homeland ruled by Rome and torn by unrest, Johanna's love for Simon, a young fisherman from Capernaum, may not be enough to hold them together. Childless, her society shames her. Rumors of messiahs and rebellion plague their village. After a new rabbi calls Simon away, Johanna must choose what to believe.

"This second book about women in the time of Jesus shows an eternal century-crossing side of women. Like women today, Johanna has joys and troubles, and when in trouble she needs proof that the solutions will work. She is also stubborn and needs proof that her beliefs will support her in the long run. Although she supports her husband, she want to know that he still loves her, honors her, and will take care of her as well as the family. This novella has many facets that make it enjoyable as well as thoughtful."

                                                                                                        -- Wyn, from Canada


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